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Professional Gunsmiths & Customized Firearms in Williston, Florida

Choke Tube, Professional Gunsmiths in Williston, FL

Ported Choke Tubes

Rhino Gun Cases, Inc. are professional gunsmiths providing top-of-the-line customized firearms. When you rely on our skilled team, you receive quality installations, such as our ported choke tubes




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Reliable & Knowledgeable Gunsmiths

When it comes to your favorite firearms, you want an expert working on them. At Rhino Gun Cases, Inc., we provide the best in gunsmith services, including progressive porting and custom turkey guns.

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Trusted by the Pros

The world's top sport shooters have relied on our customization services for their guns. We have provided sub-gauge conversion kits and barrel porting to satisfied shooters worldwide.

Contact our professional gunsmiths in Williston, Florida, to request more information about any of our customized firearms.

About Us

Depend on the professional gunsmiths from Rhino Gun Cases, Inc. of Williston, Florida, for the finest customized firearms. We have more than 25 years of experience in providing the ultimate in shooter satisfaction and customer service.

Our motto is "If it is worth doing it is worth doing right!" Whether in business or a personal endeavor, we give 100%. We want our customers to be fully satisfied with any product or work we sell, and we only sell you what you need to accomplish your goals.

About Our Owner

When hunting season was over in 1979, Joe Morales took his Remington 870 to Trail Glades Range in Miami, FL, to try skeet, something to do to satisfy his need to shoot. One round and he was hooked! He shot 18 rounds in a day to perfect the technique, and then practiced weekend after weekend. Those who know him remember him reloading on the bench when he shot, he had the “bug” and had it bad! 

Fortunately, a soon-to-be best friend called him to the side and introduced him to the game of international skeet. His natural ability to quickly mount the gun from a hunting position made him a prime candidate for skeet shooting. The discipline and speed of skeet shooting gave him his basic technique which he used to excel instantly in the new game of sporting clays in 1988.

His first competition in Sporting Clays was at Migdale in upstate New York. There Joe began a long career in the sport, becoming hooked again as he took first place! He is recognized in this country as one of the top 10 sporting clay shooters and he's also an all-American shooter. During his Olympic skeet shooting career, he made the top 100 cut invitational to make the Olympic shooting team.  In addition, he is an accomplished rifle and action pistol shooter.


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