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Cory Kruse

Cory grew up in the woods. “Hunting has been in my blood from past generations.  I always wanted to be outside hunting something. With that, you always want to hit what you shoot at, right? So I always had a BB gun, .22, or a shotgun in my hands. I would constantly practice shooting anything from coke cans, pinecones, all the way to my mom’s pots and pans.”

Since then, his Dad (David Reaves) and Dan Carlisle have taught him to move a shotgun with the best of them for the past 15 years.


  • C&G Boats
  • Blaser
  • W4 Outdoors
  • Ranger
  • Rhino Chokes
  • Liberty Golf Cars
  • Sitka Gear
  • Heath Sporting Company
  • MEC Texas


  • 2012 National Champion
  • 2003 National Champion
  • 2008 World Sporting RU
  • 2 time Texas State Champion
  • 3 Time Zone 6 Champion
  • 2013 Inductee to the Texas State Sporting Clays Hall of Fame (youngest)
  • 2013 World English Super Sporting Champion
  • 2003 World FITASC Junior Champion
  • 2001 National Champion Junior

Additional Info

  • DOB: 03/15/1984
  • Height: 6'4"
  • Hometown: Willis, TX
  • Residence: Richmond, TX
  • Gun: Blaser F3
  • Ammunition: Kent 1oz 1300fps
  • Glasses: Pilla
  • Ear Plugs: Foam
  • Dominant Hand: R
  • Dominant Eye: R
  • Coach: Dan Carlisle
  • Method: Controlled Pull Away
  • Years Shooting: 15
  • Profession: Offshore WorkBoat Salesman
  • Company: C&G Boats
  • Title: Sales
  • Education: Some College

Brad Kidd Jr.

Brad grew up in Washington, NC. He was 9 years old when his father took him and his younger brother to Hunters Pointe to shoot their first round of sporting clays. That is where they met Scott Downs, an All-American and former Junior National Sporting Clays champion. Scott quickly recognized that young Brad was a natural shotgunner and took him under his wing. They started to travel to shoots together and Scott took Brad to his first National Championship in 1992 where Scott would capture the National title. “ Scott was already my hero and shotgunning already my passion but witnessing first hand Scott win the National title was the icing on the cake. At that moment I knew I wanted to become a champion just like Scott.”


In 1993 Brad took his first shooting lesson from Dan Carlisle. His shooting continued to improve and Brad went on to win 3 US Opens, 2 National Championships and a World Championship in the Junior category by the age of 16.  It seemed as though the youngsters future in shooting couldn’t have looked any brighter but a culmination of events in the late 90’s, including his family going through some financial hardships and Scott’s tragic death, would steer Brad away from the game for a number of years.


After college Brad began working in the real estate finance industry and at a young age started a finance company, which went through a boom and bust cycle. Ultimately the bust cycle is what brought Brad back to sporting clays. I had poured my heart and soul into this company and when the market collapsed there was nothing I could do, I was crushed. After a couple months of sulking and pondering my next move, I started considering shooting clays again. I had missed the game terribly over the past several years and with nothing to lose I figured I would give it another shot.


With the help of friends like Anthony Matarese, Cory Kruse, Zach Kienbaum, and his former coach Dan Carlisle, Brad was able to climb back to the top of the ranks. Over the past few years Brad has added another National title (2010) to his resume as well as leading team USA to gold in two World Championships (2011, 2013). I couldn’t have done it without those guys. Shooters had elevated their games to a whole new level while I was away from the sport. The progression each and every year is incredible. I was lucky to have such a great group of friends who were willing to help me out.



Brad now lives in Houston, TX with his two year old son Miles, and makes a living as a shooting instructor.


  • Zoli
  • Remington
  • Pilla
  • Tim Holt Earplugs
  • Feland's Gunsmithing
  • Rhino Chokes


  • Finished 4th and higher in last 3 US Opens
  • Led Team USA to Team Gold in both Sporting and FITASC World Championships
  • Only American to podium in both World Championships
  • Runner Up 2013 World FITASC (Spain)
  • Runner Up 2011 World Championships
  • 2010 NSCA National Champion
  • Runner Up 2008 US Open
  • World Champion Junior Concurrent
  • 3 x US Open Junior Champion
  • 2 x National Junior Champion


Additional Info

  • DOB: 02/21/1982
  • Height: 6'1
  • Hometown: Washington, NC
  • Residence: Sugarland, TX
  • Gun: Zoli
  • Ammunition: Remington
  • Glasses: Pilla
  • Ear Plugs: Tim Holt
  • Dominant Hand: R
  • Dominant Eye: R
  • Coach: Anthony Matarese & Dan Carlise
  • Method: Depends on the target but I always try to match the speed and see the bird
  • Years Shooting: 23
  • Profession: Shooting instructor/sales&marketing
  • Company: NVI
  • Title: Business Developement
  • Education: Some College

Scott Robertson


  • Beretta
  • Rhino Chokes
  • Oakley
  • Able Ammo
  • Promatic


  • 2 Time All Around Shotgun National Champion
  • SCA National Championship
  • USSCA National Champion
  • PASS National Champion
  • SCI World Sporting Clay Champion
  • FITASC National Champion
  • 21 Time All American
  • 14 Time Member of US Sporting Clay Team
  • 2 Time NSCA 410 National Champion
  • 3 Time NSCA 28 Gauge National Champion
  • 5 Time NSCA Small Gauge National Champion
  • 2 Time NSCA 5 Stand National Champion
  • 13 Time NSCA 5 Man Team National Champion
  • 4 Time Pan American Champion
  • Professional Sporting Clay Champion of America
  • 2 Time Beretta World Silver Medalist
  • 3 Time Junior National Champion
  • 3 Time Kruger Cup Champion
  • Angle Port Open Champion
  • 2 Time ACUI College National Champion
  • Clay Shooting FITASC Classic Champion 
  • North American Sporting Clay Champion
  • 2 Time Homestead Cup Champion
  • Great American Sporting Clay Champion
  • 2 Time Mile High Classic Champion
  • NSCA Pro Am Champion
  • ESPN Outdoor Games Gold & Bronze Medal
  • Oklahoma, Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Wisconsin and Texas State Sporting Clay Champion
  • NSSF Chevy Truck Shooter of the Year
  • 3 Time FITASC World Championship Team Gold Medal
  • World English National Team World Champions
  • 2 Time World English Small Gauge HOA World Champion
  • World English 28 gauge World Champion
  • Browing-Briley World Sporting Clay Champion
  • Helice Grand Prix of the America’s Champion
  • 3 Time U.S. Open Silver Medalist
  • 2 Time Caribbean Cup Champion
  • 2 Time Canadian Open Champion
  • All Around Shotgun World Championship Silver Medalist
  • All American Target Champion
  • TSCA Hall of Fame Inductee


Additional Info

  • DOB: 1/4/1972
  • Height: 
  • Hometown: Dallas, TX
  • Residence: Dallas, TX
  • Gun: Beretta
  • Ammunition: Able Ammo
  • Glasses: Oakley
  • Ear Plugs: 
  • Dominant Hand: R
  • Dominant Eye: R
  • Coach:
  • Method: 
  • Years Shooting: 
  • Profession: Shooting instructor/ TV Personality
  • Company: Elm Fork 
  • Title: Owner
Insert City

Brandon Powell

Brandon is a 28-year old Professional Shooter from Comer, GA.  He is a dynamic shooter with his own unique style. He can always be counted on to be at the top of any leader board.  An avid hunter, fisherman and shooter, he has been shooting Sporting Clays for 13 years, achieving Master Class within his first six months of shooting competitively.



  • Winni G Custom Gun Stocks
  • Rhino Chokes
  • Castellani USA
  • Rage Broadheads
  • krieghoff
  • Marlette Fine Arms
  • Pilla
  • Q Maxx


  • 11 time NSCA All American
  • 5 time NSCA Team USA Sporting
  • 4 time NSCA Team USA FITASC (2011 Captain)
  • 4 time National Champion Runner Up
  • 2 time US Open Runner Up
  • 2 time World English Championship 3rd
  • Browning Briley World Championship, FITASC National Championship HOA
  • 2012 South Eastern Regional Championship Main Event Champion
  • 2011 Delta International Open Main Event HOA and FITASC HOA
  • 2011 Delta Classic Main Event HOA and FITASC Master 1st
  • 2011 World English Sporting Clays Championship FITASC Champion
  • 2010 Krieghoff Cup Champion
  • 2010 US Open FITASC Champion
  • 2010 Zone 4 Main Event, FITASC and Prelim Champion
  • 3 Time National Wild Turkey Federation Main Event Champion





Additional Info

  • DOB: 11/13/1986
  • Height: 6'
  • Hometown: Carlton, GA
  • Residence: Carlton, GA
  • Gun: Krieghoff
  • Ammunition: Winchester AA
  • Ear Plugs: EAR Inc.
  • Dominant Hand: R
  • Dominant Eye: L
  • Years Shooting: 13 Years
  • Profession: Shooting & Hunting
  • Company: Powell Enterprises
  • Title: Officer
  • Education: HS Diploma
  • website www.brandonpowellshooting.com

Will Hinton

Will has been a Georgia native all his life, and always lived in the community Dacula, GA.  Ever since he was a child being outside was something he thoroughly enjoyed. He was fascinated with the outdoors and loved to hunt and fish. During his time as an early teen Will became more interested in competitive shooting. He decided to pursue this with joining the scholastic clay target program (SCTP), and fell in love with shooting clay targets. As shooting progressed throughout his time in Dacula Middle School, Will eventually found something he could become above average at. Baseball and Football were always apart of Hinton’s extracurricular activities until shooting came along.

 During the year of 2009/10 Will decided to take the next step and join the National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA). Through his time moving up in the sport; Will won multiple sub jr. championships. In the year 2010 Will won the Sub jr. Nationals in San Antonio. This gave Will the drive to compete, and eventually Will became known for his shooting ability. The following year he fulfilled his goal of winning it again. Hinton decided to branch out to other disciplines as he progressed, and tried competitive skeet, trap, fitasc, and international disciplines. In 2011 Will tested his abilities in multiple fields winning the 2011 Georgia state skeet Championships, NSCA Alabama state Championships, and Bronze medal in double trap at the National Junior Olympics in Colorado Springs, CO.

 2012/2013 brought about a new year for Will as he started to focus on international disciplines while maintaining his status in Sporting clays. 2012 was when Will won his first world medal (Jr. Silver) at the World Fitasc in Chicago, while that was just the start Will won the National Junior Olympics for Bunker Trap. This win lead to becoming a member of the Jr. National Bunker Trap team, and currently where Will is. The 2013 season Will primarily focused on international disciplines and Traveled to Italy and Germany where he was a finalist for his shooting division.

 Keeping his sporting roots true Will Shot the Georgia State Sporting Clays championships where he received (high overall) HOA. At this current time Will is a Master class sporting shooter, AAA class skeet shooter, 5X NSCA All-American, and a member of the Jr. National Bunker Trap team. Shooting has always been something Will was heavily dedicated to, but that is aside from school. Will has maintained a 3.7 GPA during his time at Dacula High School. Hinton choose to do the Accel program in the state of Georgia and go on to college vs. a senior year of high school.

 He currently is enrolled in Georgia Gwinnett College where he has an undeclared major, but intends to look into physiology. As far as his future ambitions go Will would like to further his education. Hinton is fully supported by his friends and family in everything, and hopeful to one day fulfill his ultimate goal of winning the Olympic games. 


  • duPont/Krieghoff
  • Rhino Chokes
  • Randolph Ranger eyewear
  • Able Ammo


  • 2015 World Fitasc Junior Champion Le Seuer, MN
  • 2013 German International Cup Double Trap Finalists 
  • 2013 Georgia State Champion 
  • 2013 Italian Perazzi Cup Jr. Medalist 
  • 5X NSCA All American 
  • 2012 World FITASC JR Silver Medalists 
  • 2012 Junior Olympic Bunker Trap Gold Medalist 
  • 2012 USA Shooting National Jr Bunker Trap Team
  • 2011 NSCA Nationals Sub Jr. Champion 
  • 2011 Alabama State Champion 
  • 2011 Junior Olympic Double Trap J2 Bronze Medalist 
  • 2011 Junior Olympic Team 
  • 2010 NSCA Nationals Sub  Jr. Champion 

Additional Info

  • DOB: 01/04/1996
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Hometown: Dacula, GA
  • Residence: Dacula, GA
  • Gun: duPont/Krieghoff K-80 Bavaria Gold
  • Ammunition: Bornaghi Star
  • Glasses: RE Falcons
  • Dominant Hand: L
  • Dominant Eye: R
  • Coach: Never really had a coach
  • Method: I just use what works and make it my own. I believe that different targets require different methods
  • Years Shooting: 5
  • Profession: Student
  • Education: Student at Georgia Gwinnett College